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About Us

The dental practice of Dr. Brian Adams uses some of the most advanced technology available in the dental community today. We are a "paperless" office, which means that we have migrated to the exclusive use of digital technology to run our operations and keep records for our patients. Beyond that, however, the actual technology we use to diagnose and treat patients is state-of-the-art and, like all advanced technology, it helps to achieve dental outcomes faster and more precisely. These technologies include a Panorex camera to take a full mouth scan and Dignodent, the minimally invasive technology to detect caries that may be hidden way below the surface of a tooth. We also use the Diode Laser for teeth whitening and Invisalign to straighten teeth. Perhaps the most amazing technology available through our practice is oral DNA testing for types of bacterial diseases, and genetic disposition to oral disease (i.e., periodontitis) and oral cancers.

Our Mission

At Livery Dental we pride ourselves on providing every patient with excellence in oral health care through continuous education and contemporary technology in a safe and comfortable environment. It is our commitment to listen, really listen, and promise that you never leave feeling that no one cares.