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Which Floss Should I Use?

This question gets asked all the time here at Livery Dental. The great thing for patients is there is no real right answer. One, it is great that you are asking because that means that you are interested in actually doing it. Did you know that flossing can extend your life by 3-6 years! That is amazing! Think of what you can do with all that extra time. And second, whatever floss you like is the floss you should use. Waxed, unwaxed, tape, flavored, or unflavored. In the dental aisle at the grocery store, inevitably there are rows of floss. It can seem pretty daunting. But, really just close your eyes and pick one. It’s just floss people. If you don’t like it, you can go on to the next one.

Personally speaking, the hygienists here like Reach Total Care floss made by Johnson and Johnson. And lucky for you, it is in your goody bags! Another great reason to come get your teeth cleaned…free floss!

It’s simple, whatever you choose, use it. And yes, everyday! Happy Flossing.

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are a great addition to your dental home care. Hand held toothbrushes work well, but using an electric one is so much better. At Livery Dental, we recommend the Oral-B electric toothbrushes. Right now, we have the Oral-B Triumph

The Oral-B collection uses an oscillating and rotating motion which leaves the teeth feeling smooth and clean. With the Triumph, there is a clock which turns into a timer. The American Dental Association states that we should brush our teeth for two minutes. The Triumph breaks brushing time into four areas for thirty seconds in each area of the mouth, making it more manageable to clean for two minutes. There are also four brush modes; clean, soft, massage, and polish. With these settings, there is no reason to not feel that great clean feeling. If you tend to scrub when you brush, the Triumph also lets you know if you are pushing too hard. A red light will pop up on the timer, allowing you to know where exactly you are brushing too hard.

The nice thing about all Oral-B toothbrushes is that the bristles on the brush will turn from blue to white when it is time to change it. On the electric toothbrushes, you simply through away the head and place a new one on the base. There are even color coded bands to use if more than one person is using the base. That way you never use the wrong head.

At Livery Dental, we offer the Oral-B Triumph. All of us here use the Triumph at home! If you are interested in one you can always ask. We even have a $10 rebate from Oral-B. Brush, brush away!

Oral Cancers

Cancer is not a to be taken lightly and neither is oral cancer. It can be very hard to detect but to the trained dental professional eye, it can be found. There are several types of cancers and in several different locations including the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, soft and hard palate, sinuses and throat. How can they be found? Well, at routine dental visits Dr. Adams and/or the hygienist will thoroughly examine your mouth, head and neck for any abnormal lumps, or tissue that looks out of the ordinary. If anything looks suspicious, further examination can be performed in the office or be referred to specialists. More likely than not unusual areas are nothing or benign. But, according to the American Cancer Society, 28,500 new cases were diagnosed in 2009 as cancerous. 
A good defense to oral cancer is being educated and prepared. Smoking, smokeless tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure, and family history. Early detection is key at Livery Dental. We offer a test that can detect cells that can be precancerous. It is called OralCDX. This test uses a brush that gathers cells from the suspicious site. We then send off the sample to a lab and they will contact our office with the results. This is another great way to offer great care for our patients. If you have questions about it, you can always ask at your appointment or visit for more information. 
The symptoms of oral cancer can be tricky because they can come and go or may go unnoticed. The most common symptoms are swelling, lumps, bumps, rough spots, or eroding on lips, tongue, or any area in the mouth. There can also be difficulty swallowing, chewing, or moving the jaw or tongue, unexplained bleeding, persistent sores lasting longer than two weeks and severe weight loss. If you notice any of these symptoms, it doesn’t always mean “the big C,” but you should always have them examined. It is important to be responsible for your own health as well. Self checking every month is a good way to be aware. Simply, being familiar with your own mouth can help you notice if something is suddenly different.

ZOOM! Your Way to a Whiter Smile

Everyone wants a dazzling white smile. It is a sign of health and beauty. And here at Livery Dental, we offer ZOOM!This chairside whitening system can make the teeth up to eight shades whiter! A professional team member will apply the bleach to the teeth and a blue light activates the bleach on the teeth.! It takes about 45 minutes for the bleaching time but there is extra time to safely protect the gum tissue. Along with this procedure, you are given a set of bleaching trays with a tube of bleach to use at home for touch ups.

During the procedure, you can lay down relax and listen to our mp3 player while you ZOOM! your way to a whiter smile.

For the “white hot” summer, we are offering $100 off the ZOOM! Come on down and enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile!

Drinks with Hidden Sugars!

Juice Drinks Vs. The Teeth

It is important to consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables. These food groups provide vital nutrients that allow your body to function at its best. Multiple studies have shown that orange juice, lemon juice and grapefruit juice all can be acidic and harmful to your teeth. It is possible for these acids to harm not only your teeth but dental restorations as well. These fruits are important parts of your overall diet but limiting the amount of citric juice intake to once or twice a day is recommended. In our office we recommend you avoid sipping on acidic liquids all day long. Using a straw to avoid contact with the teeth and gently rinsing your mouth with water after drinking acidic juices is a way to reduce your risk.

Sports Drinks vs. The Teeth

Sports drinks and energy drinks might seem like healthy alternatives to soda, but they are not healthier for your teeth. In our office we often see damage to the teeth and smile due to sports drinks. A new study from New York University College of Dentistry shows that sports drinks contain high levels of acids that may be linked to a condition called erosive tooth wear. In just 90 minutes of exposure to sports drinks over the course of a day the enamel coating on the teeth can be damaged and the teeth weakened. Sports drinks also contain a lot of sugar. In only a 12oz bottle of Gatorade, there are 10 and a half teaspoon of sugar. Most people do not drink only 12oz, they go for the 24 or 36 oz bottles. That can really add up on the amount of sugar we should be consuming daily. And can really add up on the amount of cavities that can occur!

Soda Vs. The Teeth

In our office we often see the damage to teeth caused by soft drinks. Most people seem to be aware of the damaging effect of soft drinks on their teeth but are not concerned by it. According to the American Dental Association, Americans drink more than53 gallons of soft drinks per person per year. Some soft drinks contain more than 11 spoonful’s of sugar (like Sunkist) which is used by the bacteria in your mouth to cause decay. Of greater concern is dental erosion, which is caused by acids in soda such as carbonic acid, citric acid, and phosphoric acid. You have seen what happens to a penny when you soak it in soda for a few hours. Over time these acids can damage the enamel of your teeth and lead to decay and need to restore those cavities. If a beautiful, healthy smile is your goal than avoiding soda is a good idea.

In conclusion, whether it is juice drinks like Orange juice, sports drinks like Gatorade, or soda like Sunkist, it is important to choose the right drinks to ensure a healthy smile. Remember, that 4 grams of sugar is equal to ONE teaspoon. So read the labels on the bottles while drinking…water!