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Tell It to Me Straight!

Have you thought to yourself, “I wish I had straight teeth but DO NOT want to wear braces?” Well, your wish is granted….Invisalign is your answer!

You wear these trays called aligners every two weeks!

Invisalgin is made up of a series of trays or aligners that move your teeth and over time the teeth become straight. They are clear and do not impede your speech or get caught in your lip, like traditional bracket braces do.

It is very simple to start Invisalign at Livery Dental. All you have to do is ask! Yes, the simple act of asking about straightening your teeth can lead to great things. We will always make sure at your hygiene appointments and your appointments with Dr. Adams that you are happy with your smile and if there is anything you would like to change. If you would like to change something, Invisalign is here for you.

Not sure what Invisalign is all about?

Check out this video: Invisalign Video for more information!

If you have always thought having straight teeth could never be in your future, look no further than Livery Dental! Call or come in for a consultation and you will have a healthy, straight smile in no time!

 PD10-026_Crowding_Before     PD10-027_Crowding_After

     Before Invisalign                               After Invisalign