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Do you want white teeth for 2015?!

Happy New Year from Livery Dental!!!!

Have you made a list of resolutions for 2015? Does one of them include having whiter teeth? Sure, the holidays can wreck havoc on the color of our teeth. We sip coffee while hanging out with the kids, drink great wine with great friends, and ohhh the chocolate!!! When January 1st rolls around and we stumble back to work, our teeth can sure take on a new hue!

There is a way to undo your holiday hijinks!!! Here at Livery Dental we have a bleaching system to create the whiter smile you have been thinking about. It is called KOR and has been giving our patients great results!! KOR is different than other whiteners and bleaching agents. It uses a special bleaching tray that is thin and has a unique locking system to keep the bleach on your teeth instead of squishing out. You wear the trays for two weeks at home and then come into our office for a final bleaching appointment.

Here is a great video of how the KOR trays differ from other bleaching trays. KOR Whitening Trays

And here are some results of what KOR Whitening can do!!!

If you are interested in checking off “having whiter teeth in 2015″ resolution, call us today and we would be happy to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile!!!!!