Do You HATE to floss?

Here at Livery Dental we are always about the optimal oral hygiene care. You hear our hygienists ask you how often you are brushing and flossing. You answer proudly that you brush your teeth every morning and night with some sort of electric toothbrush. But when it comes to the point where, Alissa, Cheryl, or Rita ask you, “And how often are you flossing?” You are having a battle in your head, you know that you need to floss but you just haven’t been doing it. So you say sheepishly, “Not often as I should.” You are laying in their chair, cringing that you have “let them down” by not flossing. Well, here’s a big secret for you….you are not letting us down. We are not going to give you some big guilt trip or long stern talking to. We are all human, life gets busy. You are running here and there and at the end of the day you want to fall into your bed and let the day’s busyness melt away. And that means you do the bare minimum, run the toothbrush across your teeth and tell yourself that you WILL floss tomorrow. Then before you know it…BAM it’s time for your dental cleaning and you didn’t floss tomorrow or the next day or the day after that.

Let’s let the guilt of not flossing go. Breathe in and out….feel better?! Okay, we have the answer to your forgetful flossing. It’s called the AirFlosser! What? The air will be flossing my teeth, you say. No, it’s an amazing little device that can free you of your guilt. The AirFlosser is made by Philips. Those guys that make your Sonicare!!!! They have developed a way to deliver microdroplets of water and air to remove plaque and biofilm (that hairy feeling on your teeth!) It has been proven safe on gums and teeth!

There is a one button technology and safe guiding tip that targets in between the teeth. It takes about 30 seconds to go through the whole mouth and creates a clean environment. Philips has stated that people who use the AirFlosser continues using it long after a dental cleaning. Rejoice in worry free cleanings, and proudly tell our hygienists, I AIRfloss everyday!!!!!!!

If you are interested in helping your gums and teeth here is a site to buy the AirFlosser!!!

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